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Awnings are great! They increase brand visibility, provide additional outdoor space and jazz up curb appeal. Our desktop version of the website has a comprehensive form to help with the awning ordering process. If you need immediate help, please contact us at 317-257-4300 and we can discuss your project. Thank you!

Our custom designed Engineered Metal Canopies offer a modern option for your home or business and have options for built in lighting and rain management. We offer a wide choice of finishes, accents and branding options.

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Sommer Awning Group  |  1160 W. 16th St.  |  Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Toll Free: 855-257-4301  |  Phone: 317-257-4300  |  Fax: 317-257-1973

Sommer Awning Group
1160 W. 16th St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Toll Free: 855-257-4301
Phone: 317-257-4300
Fax: 317-257-1973