It’s been said, history repeats itself and in this case it’s a fact. Five generations is a lot of history and a lot of awning experience, which translates into a lot of happy customers!

The history of Sommer Awning and Thorp Awning is a lofty one, much higher than your average awning overhead. It involves adventure, innovation and entrepreneurialism, which are all still characteristics of the company today.

It started back in 1923, when great grandfather Harry Thorp, who was working for Indianapolis Tent and Awning had an opportunity to bid a job for the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. He won the contract to install an awning over every window in the hotel, quite an undertaking for a 50-year old entrepreneur! That didn’t stop Harry though – he manufactured all the awnings in Indianapolis, put them on a train and then went down and supervised installation. Thorp Awnings was born and he set up shop in the 2100 block of College Avenue.

Fast forward to today and after many sales and awning installations, Steve Sommer joined the company and worked in scheduling and installation while he went to school, vowing “never to work for the family business full time”. Things have a funny way of changing, though. In a few years, Steve came into the firm full time as a sales person and over the next 30 years has led Sommer Awning through years of continued growth and expansion. Steve’s boys are now carrying on the family tradition. We love happy endings!


A lot has changed in the past 30 years under the leadership of Steve Sommer. Although you’ll still find sewing machines in the facility and installation ladders, technology has taken over, adding greater efficiency, quality control and enabling best value pricing. Sommer Awning Group is truly full service. From concept to installation we handle it all in our state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility offering: In-House CAD services, on site surveys, full graphic imaging services, permits, stamped engineering drawings and complete installation services.

Call us today to put five generations of ideas, innovation and experience to work on your awning project.

Sommer Awning Group Headquarters

Sommer Awning Group Headquarters

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Sommer Awning Group  |  1160 W. 16th St.  |  Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Toll Free: 855-257-4301  |  Phone: 317-257-4300  |  Fax: 317-257-1973

Sommer Awning Group
1160 W. 16th St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Toll Free: 855-257-4301
Phone: 317-257-4300
Fax: 317-257-1973