Take curb appeal to the next level! Awnings add style, functionality and value to any home. From simple window awnings to block the scorching sun, to a patio awning to enjoy evening entertaining with family and friends, who doesn’t love the feel of being under an awning. Our manufacturing capabilities are only limited by your imagination.

Sommer Awning Group  |  1160 W. 16th St.  |  Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Toll Free: 855-257-4301  |  Phone: 317-257-4300  |  Fax: 317-257-1973

Sommer Awning Group
1160 W. 16th St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Toll Free: 855-257-4301
Phone: 317-257-4300
Fax: 317-257-1973